Hello, I'm Eric
I am an interactive and digital designer in beautiful Portland, OR.
Seeing as I don't condone the pigeon-holing of any person, I have to also include that I am also a husband, father, fisherman, forager, Portland history geek, burgeoning woodworker, novice banjo player and just an innately curious person.

On the more professional side, for the last 10+ years my focus and passion has been in web and interaction design, with the lion's share of this time spent designing user interfaces. Having worked for some smaller agencies with smaller teams, I've had the opportunity to wear different hats, allowing me to gain extensive acumen in user experience architecture, creative direction and higher level strategy.
I appreciate good usability, in all forms. I am constantly evaluating its presence (or lack of) in everything I interact with, making every effort to translate this into my interaction design decisions. I believe in a holistic approach to every aspect of the design process, from fully understanding the user and client needs, to the possible expansion of requirements and content in the future. I believe the simple notion of discerning between what is needed and what is wanted, early in the design process, can positively effect every single phase of the project, from design through development.
Beyond interactive design, I am an experienced digital illustrator (view some examples here) and graphic designer, and a student of more traditional art techniques and media (e.g. paper, pencil, charcoal, etc.).