Citi at Work Redesign
UX/UI Design / Responsive Web Design / Iconography
Challenges + Expectations
The purpose of the redesign was multi-faceted. Most importantly, the site design needed to brought more in line with current web standards and ADA accessibility requirements. Next, it needed to be completely responsive, while maintaining all of the functionality of the legacy site. Also, there would need to be new features, such as searching for branches and ATMs, and additional dynamically loaded content, that had to be a included with the redesigned web experience. Lastly, the design needed to feel and function like it was akin to other Citi websites and applications. 
Strategy + Solutions
Since the redesign would be a fairly large undertaking, the project was broken into different phases, with the redesign of the Home page as Phase 1 (featured here). First and foremost, the site design needed a major facelift in layout and design. We landed on a single scroll Home page, featuring the most recent offers and content, surfacing existing benefits and features, and including a dynamic locations map leveraging the Google Maps API. To promote a more cohesive user experience, it was decided that this redesigned site would need to be visually and functionally similar to another Citi website design that we were working on, concurrently.