#incredouble Campaign Hub
UX/UI Design / Responsive Web Design
Challenges + Expectations
The client required a responsive microsite to be the hub for a large scale, multi-phase social media campaign to promote the Citi Double Cash Card. The site would incorporate ideas for creative "mash-ups" submitted by the public, via Twitter,  Facebook and Google+ using the hashtag #incredouble. Some of these curated ideas would have illustrations (initially videos but this was decided against early on) while others would simply be the text from the original submission. The campaign contest would have three major phases: Phase 1: Introduction, Phase 2: Submissions / Voting, Phase 3: Winner Announcement. Besides receiving a cash prize, the winner would also have their submission "brought to life" and filmed by YouTube celebrity Devinsupertramp. This video would then be showcased on the site during the last phase of the campaign.
Strategy + Solutions
Each phase of the campaign would have to stand on its own visually while still maintaining cohesion in design and function. To accomplish this, the grid structure and layout of content zones would remain basically intact through all phases. Designed this way, we were able to represent each phase uniquely through changes to content and imagery, while keeping the UX of the site consistent. To accommodate displaying the different types of submissions (i.e., illustrations or text) a modular content block layout was used. Since the design was to be responsive, this layout also translated well to shifts in position of content between the various viewports and screen sizes.