Career Portal Website
UX/UI Design / Responsive Web Design
Challenges + Expectations
The client wanted to increase new hires with their company, boost their social media presence, increase positive public perception and modernize their current careers web experience. Concurrently with the careers page redesign, the client was also redesigning their parent website (through another agency) so we had to take this into consideration with our designs and UX. Also, the client's global presence in the job market would need to be surfaced significantly on the career page.
Strategy + Solutions
Given the types and amount of changes that the client was looking to make to the careers page, it was evident that one page was not enough to effectively meet expectations. With this, we moved forward with designing a responsive portal microsite, separate from the parent site. By doing this, we would be able to flesh out some significant features and resources, such as a much more robust global careers search feature. By having the portal be responsive, users could easily access the benefits of the site from anywhere, such as the aforementioned career search feature, but almost as importantly, the social sharing aspect of site. With the use of more visual imagery, and by surfacing much of the company's positive work/life balance, the portal presented the company in much more enticing light to possible future hires.
The production of this website was put on hiatus indefinitely due to budgetary issues.