Digital Services Microsite
UX/UI Design / Responsive Web Design
We were approached to create a completely responsive microsite that featured simple demonstrations to help customers complete common banking tasks online. Since the client already had a number of lengthy demos posted online in video format, the purpose of this microsite was to pare down the list of demos, make them easy to find and access on any device, and to allow the customer to navigate through the demo at their own pace.
Strategy + SolutionS
Going with a responsive layout, we decided to keep the microsite simple in its structure and behavior, with minimal levels of content heirarchy. We settled on an infinite scroll landing page, where with one click the customer could jump to the category they wanted (i.e. Making Payments), and with a second click, open a modal window containing the actual demo (i.e. Add a Payee). The demo itself would be a click-through, containing screenshots and instructions from each step of the actual process. Designed this way, the customer could open the demo they required with a few clicks/taps, and could progress through the demo at their own pace.